Who is The founder of the company

 Jassim Bader al yacoub, born in London in 1985. He moved back to his home country Kuwait to take his early studies in English schools, later on his parents agreed on sending him abroad to a boys boarding school in Edinburgh, Merchiston castle school, which he got his high school degree allowing him to carry on his studies in Nottingham as a foundation course in order to allow him to enter university. Which he did and achieved the grades that allowed him in the university of Leeds to study civil and structural engineering, finally, he achieved his bachelor degree.

Jassim always had a passion in real estate from a young age, which he couldn't wait until getting his degree to get started, while studying in Leeds he decided to establish a real estate management company in Kuwait which was very hard at the beginning for him to managing a startup company without beginning around specially in a different country. With the help of the well qualified team that was working with him which helped him achieve his goals to make the company one of the leading companies that reached several markets in the gulf and Europe. To ensure the best service provided for their clients and tenants. Jassim decided to specialize in the management of residential real estate, which had a very big demand at the time the company started in 2010 in Kuwait. As the demand was increasing for residential properties in Kuwait and most owners do not want to get involved with tenants that's where our company comes in to take over and deal with the tenants from marketing the property to signing the contract, following up the rent, and maintain the property to make sure it's in good condition etc.

As the company was growing so fast, and the property under management is increasing in the gulf area. As the Gulf area is one of the hottest countries in the world, the company was facing a huge demand on the A/C maintenance for the units, as the company gave the maintenance to a third party to manage but, unfortunately our clients were not getting the good enough quality service and price. Therefore, we decided to establish our own A/C company to look after the properties that we were managing to make sure we provide the best service and price for our clients, and to look after the machines that are installed in the properties to make sure  that they have the longest life possible by doing regular maintenance. The main purpose of the A/C company was to provide maintenance for the properties that we are managing but we grew that field and the company started to provide other properties with A/C management contracts as we are a small market and the word of mouth is so effective in our area, our competitors in the real estate company started to appoint our A/C company to look after their machines.

We made sure that dispute growing the company that should not effect the quality of service that should be provide for our clients in terms of quality service and the prices. jassim establish both companies to provide the best services possible for both his clients and tenants firstly his clients he made sure they get best rent possible available in the market and made sure that they receive their rents and reports of the properties in time, secondly, the tenants, he made sure they would get the best service possible and all the requirements are done on time, and to the best standard to insure that the tenants are happy in their property. To finalize jassim vision was to make sure the best service to be provided for all his clients with the lowest fees possible as he focused on long-term steady growth of the company with a solid base.